We have a small selection of pottery vases and plates for sale.

Hand made pottery flower pot.jpg
Hand made pottery flower [pot 1.jpg

We always are so grateful for any donations that we receive.  One such is this amazing pottery planter created by Alison Steadman, the Potter in Residence for West Dean.  In beautiful muted shades of pale blue, the amazing wraparound container filled with luscious green plants would be a talking point in any room.


The measurements are height 91/2”; the width 11.25”  with a depth of 8”. 


The price is £30.00.

Willow pattern pot pouri bowl.jpg
Base of pot pourri vase.jpg
Pot pourri design.jpg
Chinese willow pattern plate.jpg

We have this beautiful matching blue and white decorative plate and the unusually shaped vase. 


The plate is just under 11.5” round and the vase is 61/4” high and 61/2” wide with a pedestal width of 33/4”.  

As you can see from the photograph there is a small chip on the base of the vase which if it was in a  front facing display would not be noticeable.

Reasonably priced at £15.00 for the pair.

Stone ornament.jpg
Mum's garden 1.jpg

Another donation was this cutesy garden sign – “Mum’s Garden”.  


The measurements are 11.75" width with a depth of 81/4”. 

It is selling for £10.00.

Painted Floral Tiles

These uniquely beautiful pottery pieces were created by Joan Ackroyd, Mr. Hamblin’s daughter. We are delighted to be able to sell them and raise much needed funds for the Hamblin Centre.  What I love is that so many of the plants she painted all those years ago can actually still be seen in the Centre grounds today. 

The Message of a Flower 1 by H.T.H..jpg
The Message of a Flower
Love Poem from H.T.H.jpg
Divine Love
Flower message from Henry T. Hamblin.jpg
The Message of a Flower
The essage of a flower by H.T.H..jpg
The Message of a Flower
Green Winged Orchid.jpg
Green Winged Orchid
Bladder Campion Tile.jpg
Bladder Campion
Poppy seedhead tile.jpg
Dried Poppy Head

Large Mounted Tiles:    6” x 6 “


These tiles are mounted on Hessian creating a wonderfully rustic look. @£8.00


Small Tiles:   4 ½ x 41/2 @£5.00

Yellow water lily tile.jpg
Yellow Water Lily
Laccaria Tile.jpg
Caratharellus Tile.jpg
Door plate.jpg
Dragonfly door panel.jpg
Door Panels
Decorative door plate.jpg
Door Name Plate
Kitchen Door Plate.jpg
Kitchen Door Name Plate
Bathroom Door Plate.jpg
Bathroom Door
Name Plate
Light chord pull.jpg
Door Handle
Wall mounted coat hook.jpg
Coat Hangar

Door Plates:  11” long x 3” wide - 2 in stock @ £6.00

Clothes Hook: 21/2” deep 1 ¾” wide.  Longest hook 21/4” @£4.00


Small Door tiles @£5.00

Door Handle: £5.00

All these items are as seen.

The pottery can only be collected from

The Hamblin Centre,

Main Road,

Bosham, PO18 8PJ

West Sussex.

Please e-mail us to arrange payment first  and then collection.