Choosing Dahlias is largely about personal taste, and with such a broad range of flower colour and shape it can be very confusing.

As Dahlias are very tender when they are first shooting it is best to start them off in boxes or pots with a good multi-purpose compost that retains moisture, but does not stay wet in a warm environment such as a greenhouse. To aid the drainage add either Perlite or Vermiculite to the mix.

When the frosts have finished it is wise to start to harden them off outside before planting them in your borders. When planting it is wise to put a stake in the ground so you can tie them up for support. They do like a very sunny part of the garden.

At the end of the season when the first frosts have turned the leaves a bit black cut the foliage down to about 3 cm from the ground then lift the tuber, remove most of the soil leaving a small amount behind for insulation, turn them upside down to drain then store them in boxes in a frost free environment during the winter.

You can buy dahlia plants in late spring after frosts from our nursery shop that are potted up and established.

Below are a selection of Dahlias on display in our nursery.

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Garden Wonder.jpg
Rebeccas World.jpg
Mystery Day.jpg
White Star.jpg

A short video of last year's Dahlia bed.

Coming Next Season

All cuttings are sold as established plants available from mid May

White Star(1).jpg
Dahlia White Star
Star's Favourite.jpg
Star's Favoiurite
Arabian Night(1).jpg
Arabian Night
Bishop of Llandaff.jpg
Bishop of Llandaff
Wizard of Oz.jpg
David Howard.jpg
Lake Michigan.jpg
Wizard of Oz
David Howard
Lake Michigan
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Mystery Day.jpg
Garden Wonder.jpg
Freyas Paso Doble
Kelvin Floodlight
Mystery Day
Garden Wonder
Freyas Paso Doble
Brficks Cannes.jpg
Bricks Cannes