The Hamblin Plant Nursery website created by some of the nursery volunteers. We are a small artisanal nursery as all the plants are grown and cherished with so much care and attention.  We offer a wide selection of perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables.  We have a few very small shrubs. This project was set up to raise ongoing funds for the charity

The Hamblin Centre is a therapeutic centre for well-being and inner growth in Bosham, West Sussex, nestled between Chichester and Portsmouth. Fashioned entirely from wood, it is set in three acres of beautiful gardens which include a tranquil pond, a meditation sanctuary and a bountiful selection of plants and trees. Several spaces in the centre are available to hire, and the rooms all have a friendly, intimate feel. 






As you will see, the nursery is very much an ongoing project.  Our main aim has always been to develop it as quickly as possible for growing and selling. Funding of these projects is always an issue as we can only progress dependent upon donations and/or income to move on to the next stage.  There are always on-going projects to finish – the most important being the fencing and sorting out of the top area. We are also in the throes of converting the wilderness between the two sets of greenhouses. 

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"Hamblin Centre building"
"Hamblin holiday lodges"
A warm welcome

Introduction from the chair of The Hamblin Trust

I am pleased to welcome you to this new venture. Since Marilyn and John first raised the possibility of developing a plant nursery to raise funds to support the trust, I have been impressed by the energy and enthusiasm they have brought to the planning and development of the initial idea. Lots of us have ‘ideas’, bringing them to fruition takes inspiration, application and dogged persistence. They obviously have this in excess given the amazing growth from initial conception to the current viable operation. Not only that, not a day passes when some new idea bursts forth and another aspect is added to the ever-developing nature of what has now become a well-established operation.

The development of this website is only the latest in a series of garden-based adventures that continue to unfold organically from the initial fertile conceptualisation. Developed by Marilyn and John independently with no professional support, I hope it will make it easier for them to promote their products and for you to see more easily why it might be worth visiting, not only to buy some produce, but also to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the very special grounds and events at The Hamblin Centre.

My grateful thanks to Marilyn and John for all they have contributed and blessings for all who support them, whether by way of donations or through purchases from the shop.

Noel Raine


The Hamblin Trust


Address: Main Road, Bosham,

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Telephone: Marilyn:  07885 375402

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